Double Mixed Ceramic Roof Tile

Teja Doble Mixta


This model makes the simulation of the aesthetics of a curved tile roof possible taking advantage of the easy assembly that the double mixed tile gives us.

The curve showiness and its gutter provides a larger visual dimension in its lines and gives a spectacular and effective finish.



  • Totally impermeable.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Resistant to extreme changes in temperature.
  • Ice-resistant.
  • Pre-drilled holes to facilitate anchoring on steep slopes.
  • Lateral guides to help positioning.
  • Won't lose colour over time.
  • Easy row positioning thanks to a perfect joins between pieces.


Colour range


Building examples

  • Teja Mixta 11 Oceanique. Adosados - Alcalá del Río - Sevilla (España)
  • Teja Doble Mixta. Adosados - Tricio - La Rioja (España)
  • Teja Doble Mixta. Vivienda prefabricada - Campanario - Badajoz (España)


Technical information

Teja Cerámica Mixta 12,5

Length: 445 mm
Width: 260 mm
Weight: 3,800 Kg
Units/m2: 12,4 *
Usable length: 377 mm
Usable width: 214 mm
Longitudinal overlap: 68 mm
Transverse overlap: 46 mm
Distance between battens: 377 mm
Longitudinal clearance: 15 mm
Transverse clearance: 5 mm
Pallet contents: 192 units

* These quantities do not take into account the different variations in the building work. They should be checked on site according to the installation manual.


Quality standards

Standards: UNE EN 1304
Category impermeability: UNE EN 539-1
Reaction to fire: UNE EN 13501-1 A1
Flexural strength: UNE EN 538 ≥1200 N
Frosting: UNE EN 539-2/ ≥150 Cicles



Declaration of Performance/CE
Installation manual
BIM Object ( Revit )


Reference codes

Double Mixed Ceramic Roof Tile Oceanique TDM008
Double Mixed Ceramic Roof Tile Red TDM001
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