Flat Ceramic Roof Tile

Teja Cerámica Plana


Especially appropiate where the severe conditions make the difference, since they make possible its application in steep slopes.

Due to its special design, it is perfectly integrated in mountain landscapes.



  • Totally impermeable.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Resistant to extreme changes in temperature.
  • Ice-resistant.
  • Pre-drilled holes to facilitate anchoring on steep slopes.
  • Lateral guides to help positioning.
  • Won't lose colour over time.
  • Easy row positioning thanks to a perfect joins between pieces.


Building examples

  • Teja Plana Roja. Bloque de viviendas - (España)


Technical information

Teja Cerámica Mixta 11

Length: 452 mm
Width: 275 mm
Weight: 3,600 Kg
Units/m2: 11 *
Usable length: 395 mm
Usable width: 235 mm
Longitudinal overlap: 57 mm
Transverse overlap: 40 mm
Distance between battens: 395 mm
Longitudinal clearance: 20 mm
Transverse clearance: 2 mm
Pallet contents: 256 units

* These quantities do not take into account the different variations in the building work. They should be checked on site according to the installation manual.


Quality standards

Standards: UNE EN 1304
Category impermeability: UNE EN 539-1
Reaction to fire: UNE EN 13501-1 A1
Flexural strength: UNE EN 538 ≥900 N
Frosting: UNE EN 539-2/ ≥150 Cicles



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