Mixed Ceramic Roof Tile 10


Description and technical data

  TM10YY001   Roja   450x450 72ppp

Length: 497 mm *
Width 294 mm *
Weight: 4,600 Kg
Units/m2: 9,5 **
Usable length: 436 mm
Usable width: 233 mm
Longitudinal overlap: 61 mm
Transverse overlap: 61 mm
Distance between battens: 436 mm
Longitudinal clearance: 12,5 mm
Transverse clearance: 20 mm
Pallet contents: 168 o 200 uds

* Tolerance +/- 2% according to the norm UNE EN 1304
** Nominal value. It must be verified in the building site according to its characteristics.


It is our largest Mixed Roof Tile, which allows a faster and more economical execution by requiring fewer pieces per square meter. Its channel part is curved so it provides a great continuity sensation to the roof and at the same time, it allows an extraordinary evacuation capacity of rainwater.





Teja Mixta 10   Croquis medidas

  • Fine texture: Uniform appearance due to the selection of clays and the exhaustive control in the grinding.
  • High resistance: Excellent quality raw material. Latest technology in pressing and firing. Reinforcement ribs at the bottom.
  • Double fitting: It improves the waterproofing of the roof by preventing the entry of water under it.
  • Curved channel: Continuity in the curved lines of the roof. Better water evacuation.
  • Low water absorption: Combination of selected clays and firing in the latest generation kilns. Excellent resistance to frost and humidity.
  • No buckling: Firing in the most modern kilns with H-Cassette refractory supports to provide perfect flatness.
  • Large size: Quicker and more economical execution in the building site by requiring fewer pieces per square meter.
  • Defined shapes: Defined edges thanks to the latest technology in pressing. Perfect fitting between roof tiles. It allows to increase the longitudinal and transverse clearance in the assembly.
  • Pre-drilled hole and sawteeth: Ready for dry installation.


TM10   Esquema montaje



Colour range




Báltica | Baltic | Baltique

Báltica | Baltic | Baltique





Rojo Antiguo / Antique Red / Rouge Antique

Rojo Antiguo / Antique Red / Rouge Antique



Building examples


Roja / Red / Rouge



Quality standards


Structure: UNE EN 1304 / NF EN 1304
Dimensions: UNE EN 1024
Impermeability: UNE EN 539-1 / D.2 RP 34.02
Flexural strength: UNE EN 538 ≥ 1200 N
Frosting: UNE EN 539-2 / NF EN 539-2
Reaction to fire: UNE EN 13501-1 A1
Behavior to fire: UNE EN 13501-5 Broof





Product Certification
Technical data
Declaration of Performance/CE
Certification NF
Installation manual
BIM Object ( Revit )


  • Model of Tile: Interlocking
  • Material produced in line 1. The production line of our tiles is engraved on our tiles. Is the first digit of the serial number, which has the format 9X999999
  • The features certified by the NF mark for the clay roof tiles are: the appearance, the geometric characteristics, the breaking resistance by flexion, the impermeability and the frost resistance. AFNOR Certification - 11 rue Francis de Pressensé - 93571 LA PLAINE SAINT-DENIS CEDEX - www.marque-nf.com



Special pieces


  • Figurine

  • Chimney 130

  • Chimney 130 with clay tube

  • Chimney 200 large

  • Chimney 200 Small

  • Chimney Lebanese

  • Chock

  • Circular 3 Way Ridge

  • Double Cushioned Tile TM10

  • Double ridge  

  • End Ridge

  • End Ridge XL

  • Four way ridge

  • Outlet Tile 130 TM10

  • Outlet Tile 200 TM10

  • Pine Cone

  • Ridge

  • Ridge Plug

  • Ridge XL

  • Side Finishing TM10

  • Side Finishing XL

  • Three way ridge  

  • Universal side finishing

  • Ventilation Tile TM10    

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