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Cabecera Tejados Piezas especiales


Special Pieces for roofs


We have a wide range of accessories for ceramic roof tiles which provide fast and reliable roof finish ensuring maximum safety and durability.

Using our special pieces added value in the design of roofs, keeping the elegance of the Mediterranean tradition.



Ridges, End Ridges, Plugs and Chocks

They are used to solve the intersection of different roof flaps, protecting the meetings of the ridge and hip lines.



Side Finishings, Fitting Tiles and Half Tiles

They are used to finish off both sides of the side edges liaising with the rest of the roof tiles.




They are used to protect, aerate and even improve the aesthetics of the first course of roof.




Ventilation and Evacuation of gases

The ventilation roof tiles are used for "microventilation" consisting ventilate the spaces under the shingles in compliance with the UNE 136020 Installation and Technical Building Code CTE.

The outlet roof tiles are used, together with chimneys, to vent gases from the interior of buildings.




Decorative Elements

They are used to finish at certain points of the cover as the meetings of ridge line and hip.


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Cerámicas Mazarrón is a Spanish group of companies dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic construction materials since 1976. It's products are present in more than 65 countries of the 5 Continents. Its main catalog consists of ceramic roof tiles, accessories and components for roofs, promoting with them the assembly of the dry roof. Cerámicas Mazarrón also produces Thermal Clay, Traditional brick, large format brick and Interlocking brick.

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