Bica Eaves


Also called channel eaves tile is used to form the eave line in channel position, flying over the front to prevent moisture and stains and also to avoid the pitch of the first course of shingles.

It is installed side by side fitting perfectly mixed under the top course of shingles.

His appearance once installed reminiscent finished eaves with traditional curved tiles.



Position on the roof

Alero Bica - Posición en el tejado


Alero Bica - Posición en el tejado


Technical data

Length: 500 mm
Minimum width: 160 mm
Maximum width: 200 mm
Weight: 2,700 Kg
Pallet contents: 280 units

Alero Bica - Medidas


Compatible with

Teja Mixta 12,5Mixed roof tile 12,5


Reference codes

Bica Eaves red TBB000
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