Ceramic decorative element used to finish at certain points in a cover such as in intersections of ridges and hip lines.




Position on the roof

Pinaculo-Posicion tejado dibujo


Pinaculo-Posicion tejado foto


Technical data

Height: 480 mm
Central diameter: 220 mm
Top diameter: 80 mm
Bottom diameter: 200 mm
Weight: 3,600 Kg
Pallet content: It is supplied in units



Applicable to

  • TM10 - Roja - 150 - 72
    Mixed Roof Tile 10

  • Teja Mixta 11 Roja
    Mixed Roof Tile 11

  • Teja Mixta 12,5Mixed roof tile 12,5

  • Teja Doble MixtaDouble Mixed Roof Tile

  • Teja PlanaFlat Roof Tile

  • Teja Curva 40 - 374x337 - 72ppp - fbCurved Roof Tile 40

  • Teja Curva 40 - 374x337 - 72ppp - fbCurved Roof Tile 50

  • Teja-canal-50-encajeChannel Roof Tile 50


Reference codes

Figurine Adour TEDP118
Figurine Alameda TEDP015
Figurine Crema TEDP005
Figurine Elegance TEDP020
Figurine Extremeña TEDP012
Figurine Garonne TEDP017
Figurine Harmonie TEDP021
Figurine Brown TEDP002
Figurine Mil·lenària TEDP210
Figurine Black TEDP001N
Figurine Nuance TEDP022
Figurine Numancia TEDP007
Figurine Oceanique TEDP008
Figurine Straw TEDP004
Figurine Aged Straw TEDP014
Figurine Riaño TEDP019
Figurine Red TEDP001
Figurine Antic Red TEDP003
Figurine Aged Red TEDP011
Figurine Rustic TEDP111
Figurine Toledo TEDP114
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