Eave Ventilation Grill


It is placed in the eave of the roof to prevent entry of birds, rodents and tree sheets under the eaves tiles. It allows the free ventilation of the air chamber formed between the roof tiles and the support in a ventilated roof.

It can be used with all of our models of curved and mixed roof tile due to its elastic teth.

It is made of high quality polypropylene plastic so it is resistant to aging caused by weather agents like humidity, frost and UV rays.


Peine de alero-Pieza


Position on the roof

Peine de alero-Posicion tejado dibujo


Peine de alero-Posicion tejado foto


Technical data

Length: 1000 mm
Height: 100 mm
Box content: 50 units

Peine de alero-Medidas

Applicable to

  • TM10 - Roja - 150 - 72
    Mixed Roof Tile 10

  • Teja Mixta 11 Roja
    Mixed Roof Tile 11

  • Teja Mixta 12,5Mixed roof tile 12,5

  • Teja Doble MixtaDouble Mixed Roof Tile

  • Teja PlanaFlat Roof Tile

  • Teja Curva 40 - 374x337 - 72ppp - fbCurved Roof Tile 40

  • Teja Curva 40 - 374x337 - 72ppp - fbCurved Roof Tile 50

  • Teja-canal-50-encajeChannel Roof Tile 50


Reference codes

Eave Ventilation Grill, red color PEINE1001
Eave Ventilation Grill, black color PEINE1002
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